Whatsoever your transportation demands can be, Eagle Vehicle Rental can offer the right method of transportation in a price that can't be defeat. We choose delight in guaranteeing the bottom rates for your transportation demands. Compare everyday auto rental fees with luxurious, chauffeur, van or any sort of transportation to find the ideal option for you and your vacation celebration.



Luxury Car Rental Egypt

ايجار سيارات فى مصر

Just take to your Egypt streets in design and style using a luxury auto rental in Egypt! Eagle proves that luxury could be reasonably priced Along with the certain most affordable prices on Status car or truck rentals in spots all around the country, contact us in this article 

Van Rental Egypt

A van rental in Egypt ensures that passengers can travel in comfort without the need to sacrifice luggage House. Eagle presents the largest array of minivans to select from so you can find the dimensions and price position that most closely fits your needs.

Denmark Chauffeur Solutions

Eagle offers excellent promotions on chauffeurs and private drivers in Egypt at a minimal rate. Let a neighborhood Experienced deal with every one of the driving & navigating tasks to help you concentrate on making the most of your time and energy in Egypt.



اثار مصرية

The majestic pyramids of Giza, near Cairo, happen to be a tourist attraction for thousands of years. Once the Greek historian Herodotus frequented them during the 6th century B.C., he gave them the names by which they remain recognised.

The largest pyramid is called the Cheops pyramid or Fantastic Pyramid. It was built around 2550 B.C. for Khufu. The pyramid is surrounded by a few smaller pyramids and rows of smaller tombs. This brilliant construction stands about 480 toes tall that has a square foundation measuring 756 feet over a side. (The good Pyramid is the sole one of click to read more the Seven Miracles of the Ancient Earth nevertheless standing.)

The 2nd pyramid, 9 ft shorter than its neighbor, is named Chephren, which is Greek for Khafre, who was Khufu’s son or youthful brother. It absolutely was finished in about 2520 B.C. Close to it stands the Terrific Sphinx, an immense sculpture representing The top of Khafre on your body of the crouching lion.

Smaller nevertheless, at 218 ft large, is definitely the third pyramid developed by Khafre’s successor, Mycerinus or Menkaura in 2490 B.C. On the south are 3 lesser pyramids, including 1 lined in granite which could are the tomb of Menkaura’s beloved spouse, Queen Khamerernebty.

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